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Sam’s Club is Offering ‘Hero Shopping Hours’ to Healthcare Workers Regardless of Memberships

As a means of providing extra support to the healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus outbreaks, Sam’s Club has announced that they will be offering their exclusive “hero” shopping hours to medical employees, regardless of membership status.

Currently, company employees are given an exclusive 2-hour block of shopping time between 8AM to 10AM on Sunday mornings.

Starting on April 19th, however, the store associate “Hero Hours” will also be open to healthcare workers for free. Complimentary face masks will also be provided to shoppers at the door.

The company says they were inspired to launch the initiative after several individual branch managers took it upon themselves to invite local hospital workers to shop with the store associates.

“Mr. Sam once said that the best ideas come from our associates and we believe this to be true now more than ever,” said Lance de la Rosa, Executive Vice President and CEO of Sam’s Club.

“Previously, a few of our clubs invited healthcare workers and first responders for early shopping hours with our associates,” he continued. “It’s inspiring to watch the ways our associates serve those around them. We’re following the lead of those thoughtful clubs by expanding the audience for this shopping period to include healthcare workers and first responders.”

The expanded Hero Hours will reportedly continue until further notice across all Sam’s Club stores.