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Sam Smith sends ‘nothing but love’ after Captain Tom comparisons

Sam Smith is holding their head high after being dragged on social media over their quarantine ‘meltdown’ and is all about love. The Dancing With a Stranger singer became the subject of backlash when critics compared their Instagram post in which they cried about the lockdown to war veteran Captain Tom Moore, who has raised over £15 million for the NHS at the age of 99. Seemingly responding to the criticism, Sam posted: ‘Sending nothing but love to everyone out there today,’ alongside a heart emoji. In an Instagram live on Wednesday evening, the pop star admitted they were feeling ‘a bit down’ after the government confirmed the UK’s coronavirus lockdown has been extended by three weeks.

‘I’ve been a bit down today because it’s feeling real,’ Sam explained. ‘It’s been quite a day coming to terms with that. ‘I’m running out of things to do. I think the more you sleep, the more tired I am because I’m absolutely shattered. I can’t complain right now. I’ve got my health and my family.’

They went on to address the NHS and other frontline workers fighting Covid-19 and said: ‘What’s getting me down is just thinking about everyone working out there right now on the frontline. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that is and traumatic to be witnessing the effects of things up front. ‘I just want to say thank you from the most purest part of my heart because you’re saving us. ‘I really hope you get paid more after this and you get the respect that you deserve.’ The 27-year-old singer became a trending topic on Twitter after they complained about being in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic last month. ‘Stages of a quarantine meltdown,’ they captioned the image which shows them with their head bowed in despair. Critics used Sam’s post to show the contrast against Captain Tom, who has become a national treasure and hero after successfully completing 100 laps around his garden to raise money for the NHS fighting on the coronavirus frontlines.

Captain Tom, who served in the Second World War, has incredibly raised more than £15 million for the healthcare service and vows to continue doing laps until the donations stop. ‘Do people realise that you can praise and have admiration for the INCREDIBLE #SirTomMoore while not shitting on others like Sam Smith?’ a Twitter user questioned, adding: ‘Stop comparing how people are dealing with this situation. You can support heros like Tom and NHS workers AND support those struggling with MH [mental health].’