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R Kelly won’t take no for an answer and wants to be let out of prison

R Kelly was recently denied bail when he asked to be released from jail, but he’s not taking no for an answer and wants out. The Ignition hit-maker, 53, is currently being held at Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Centre on charges of sex trafficking, racketeering and child pornography. And despite his previous request to be released being denied, R Kelly has now filed a renewed emergency motion to be released, according to TMZ. Kelly is claiming that the threat of coronavirus is bigger now than when he first filed his release request, earlier this month.

The star and his legal team claim that during Kelly’s initial request there were no confirmed cases of Covid-19 within the jail, but that has since changed and six cases have emerged among inmates, while seven staff have reportedly come down with the virus. Kelly argues that it’s an ‘absolute probability’ that he will contract coronavirus if he stays in jail and his motion claims he will not be a flight risk if released because he is ‘too recognisable’ to leave the state of Chicago.

He has allegedly agreed to undergoing 24/7 surveillance and GPS monitoring to secure his release. Initially, a judge had denied Kelly’s request stating he did not ‘establish compelling reasons warranting his release’. His new request comes after it was revealed Kelly’s New York trial has been delayed until September, later this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The singer was due to face a trial of separate charges in New York in July, but due to the ongoing pandemic it’s start date has now been postponed.